High School

You are a Health teacher at a High School and you have been asked by you principal to organism and deliver an Information forum to parents. You can choose a colleague to work with and together you must put together the following resources for your forum: 1 . A letter home to the parents Inviting them to the session; date, time; give a brief outline of the session 2. Presentation Powering or Prize – use facts, diagrams, statistics, embedded video clips, Hints; what Is It, who Is getting bullied, who are the leers, different kinds of cyber bullying 3.

Information brochure or flyer; should Include suggestions of where both Parents and Students can go for help (kids helpline, youth beyond blue), suggestions of who they should talk to about any situations that arise, coping suggestions etc. Your presentation and brochure can be similar but should have slightly different focuses: Presentation aims to inform and educate parents, brochure should give then take home info (contacts, organizations, coping hints etc. ) Group Members: CRITERIA Satisfactory Not-satisfactory 1.