Since decades, psychologists and experts have been endeavoring to identify causes and factors associated with different social issues that are affecting our society. Bullying or school violence is one of the issues that have played a crucial role in affecting students, as well as, families in our society. In specific, this paper will discuss some of the factors that have resulted in bullying or school violence.

Family environment is considered one of the major factors that result in school violence. According to some psychologists, parents play a crucial role in development of such anti-social behavior in their children. (Santrock, 2002) It is very imperative that parents should monitor their children at their home, as well as, should be aware of activities outside home.

However, studies have indicated that busy schedules of parents do not allow them to take care of their children, as parents in the past used to handle their children. In addition, habit of watching violent programs and playing violent games encourage violent behavior as well, and thus, it is the responsibility of parents to limit access to such factors.

Besides family environment and parents, school has been considered responsible for such violent behaviors in individuals. In some schools, school violence is considered a part of school life, and thus, considerable steps are not taken to eliminate such practice.

Some of the studies have indicated that rich students are more into school violence, as compared with poor students. It is a doubting fact whether such habit starts from showoff richness, or really with intention of violence. (Cornell, 2006) In this regard, school authorities should take essential steps to ensure equality and elimination of anti-social elements from the society.

Conclusively, the paper has discussed some of the significant factors associated with bullying and school violence. It is hoped that the paper will be beneficial for students, teachers, and professionals in better understanding of the topic.


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