Is a serious and a worldwide problem. Everyday many people experience malicious threats and intimidation. These usually happen at school during middle school and high school; affecting their school performances which result to absenteeism and low grades. Bullying can cause serious psychological and physical harm. They will feel isolated, depressed and anxiety. Kids are bullied because of physical appearance and those who have low self-esteem.

However, determining how to handle it will prevent kids from experiencing harm and even trauma. First of all, kids were bullied through physical aggression because of their physical appearance. For example, according to Gabrielle Nicholson experience, “I’m a lighter color than everyone else. Some boys say I don’t belong here because I’m a different color. They call me stupid, tell me to shut up, and cuss at me. ” This shows that she was being bullied because her skin complexion was different from the others, robbery being Jealous of her lighter appearance.

This Is Important to know what the reasons are because this may lead towards her harassment: causing to have low self- esteem and absenteeism and will then result to poor school performance. As a result, just because they are different the majority of the crowd takes advantage of the situation to cause them harm. Some results from bullying are committing a suicide after being bullied online. For instance, an article about “Younger Children Falling Victim to Online Bullying from L. A.

Times by Sandy Banks tells about, “A 12-year-old named Rebecca Ann Sidekick commits a suicide after being bullied online by peers. ” This shows that victims are getting younger and bullies are being more brazen online. Most of their parents are clueless about the culture and temptations online. This Is Important because the government will be facing Into bigger Issues that criminal charges can’t resolve. Many will continue bullying the victims that may also end up for them to commit suicide.

Thus, bullies got a lot of power when online because they can say whatever they want without their parents and the victim’s parents knowing it. Fortunately, there is a way to stop this form of violence on kids. The online website Don’t Tolerate a Bully states that, “If you see someone else being bullied, refuse to participate in the bullying behavior. ” This shows that sometimes, a disapproving comment from a peer is enough to stop bullies in their tracks. Speaking up make the bullies think about it first and will stop on doing it.

If you just stand by and watch hill someone is being bullied, you are implying that the bully’s behavior is acceptable. However, If physical violence Is Involved or If the bullying Is a long-term and persisting problem, seek the help of an adult. Avoid getting In the middle of a fight because you could get hurt. Bullying is not an act or attitude that should be tolerated. Don’t get involved if you adult. Knowing how to handle this situation will prevent kids from experiencing bully. Bullying doesn’t bring anything good, but only harm and pain to both bully and the victim. So stop bullying people.