The beginning, In the first weeks of class She did everything to try and fit in But the others they couldn’t seem to get past all the things that mismatched on the surface And she would close her eyes when they laughed and she fell down the stairs And the more that they Joked And the more that they screamed She retreated to where she Is now It hits you doesn’t it. Everyone in this room can relate to at least one line of these famous song lyrics of Miss Invisible by Marie Dig.

Everyone in this room has robbery been bullied at least once in their life. It’s not the best feeling is it? It makes one feel insecure, humiliated and very uncomfortable. It has the power to destroy lives, mentally and physically. I would like you all to take a moment and close your eyes. Without opening them, raise your hand If you have ever been the victim of bullying. Now raise your hand if you have ever been the bully. Finally, raise your hand if you have ever watched someone being bullied. You can open your eyes now.

We can all recall an experience involving bullying whether we were the perpetrator, he victim or the bystander, and chances are we are embarrassed about it. Bullying is a serious problem in society today. Victims aren’t the problem, the bullies are. The famous phrases of ‘boys will be boys’ or ‘children will be children’ Is currently under scrutiny as bullying Is a topic of concern amongst the nation. Bullies aren’t Just subjected to one sex, bullies come in both sexes and shapes. Bullies target those who are seen to be different. I have recently witnessed a friend being made a victim of bullying.

A group of us went out to dinner, everything was fine until a prank went too far. My friend was then bullied about her eating disorder and then the perpetrator took my friends phone and messaged people inappropriate and vulgar terms through SMS and Backbone. My friend tried to stand up for herself, but the perpetrator would use whatever my friend said against her. I found myself as a bully bystander, I had two choices, I could either go along with the perpetrator so nothing was said to me and let my friend continue to be bullied or stand up for my friend and eve away from the bullies.

A group of three of use decided that we would stand up for our friend, we then moved away from where the bullying was taking place. As an adolescence there is nothing that we can do to laminate bulling, but there are many things that we can do to reduce It. These Include: Ask and listen- If you suspect that your friend is being bullied, inquire about it and listen patiently that may be given reluctantly because of hurt pried or of fear of retaliation. Report- Report the bulling to the school or a mature adult Advice your friend to seek medical help.

Bullying can lead to depression and anxiety or suicide, low self-esteem, it may help if the victim talk it out with a professional Advice the victim not to fight back as this will make the situation worse bullying is ahead of them. No one should have to end their life because of people who pick at their faults. We will never eliminate bullying, but with everyone’s help we can reduce the severity of bullying. Then one day Just the same as the last, Just a day spent Just counting the time came a boy that sat under the bleachers, Just a little bit further behind……..