Bullying is a strong opinion based action, some people may view making fun of other kids to be hilarious, but they have never stepped into the opposites shoes. Bullying can be harmful to some kids because the further and further the bullies push the victims, the more dangerous the victim’s reactions could potentially be, leading to self-harm, depression, isolation of one’s self, and an extreme would be suicide. Everything has to start from somewhere, and bullying starts from childhood pranks.

Douglas schools do not have a very high track record of bullying Instances, yet there have been times where self-conscious males pick on Imperfect victims. A boy named Michael was a self conscious kid that made fun of kids to feel dominant. A usual velvet was a boy named John. John was a heavy kid, and was a very self conscious about his weight and Michael would harass him every day at lunch for eating. Even If John barely ate, he couldn’t get away from Michaels nasty comments.

This eventually dead to Michael making fun of John elsewhere In the school. Recess was another prime place where you could Michael picking on kids. John would try to avoid Michael but it was like he couldn’t get away from him. Michael was taunting him, mimicking him and almost torturing him. Even though peers witnessed Michael doing this, no one said a word. As bystanders they are just as much to blame as the bully. Then he was finally able to go home at the end of the day. Children of all ages enjoy the end of the final bell of school, not John.

His parents are getting a divorce and he is a single child with no one to talk to. Every day he just goes in his room and watches the time past. John one day woke up and decided it was not worth the pain anymore. John hung himself in his own room that morning. Bullying is a federal crime now; people of this generation are finally putting a stop to the bullies preying on victims. Bullying has led to tragedies of not only suicides, but school shootings. Watching bullying and not saying anything is Just as much of a crime as it is to commit it.