Although before we Just worried about making sure that the child that was starting the confrontations was punished, we now have to ask ourselves why it is that this child has become a Lully in the first place. We don’t just have to keep an eye on the victim, but also the perpetrator. Something needs to be done so that we can find an effective way of dealing with bullies, without making the situation worse. Before we could Just send the bully to the principals office and give him detention, and believe that they would learn their lesson and quit picking on children younger/weaker than them.

Though now we are finding out that this just makes the situation worse for the children being picked on, the bully blames them for them getting in trouble and starts to harass hem even more. That’s not all though, before It could have Just been that a child was being called names by someone else, but as soon as that child was punished for It they start to up the ante on the bullying to physical violence. We have to start asking ourselves what it is that we can do to put a stop to this.

We can’t keep an eye on our children all of the time, we have work and they have school where most of this is happening. Teachers try to keep an eye on every student but they can’t always manage, If something Isn’t done soon no child will want to go to school. The victims won’t want to go for obvious reasons, the children who are not being bullied wont want to go because their friends aren’t there or they feel like they themselves will become victims now, and the bullies won’t want to go because they won’t have anyone to pick on.

If this happens our schools will become empty, and thousands of teachers will have to find new Jobs. Bullying doesn’t Just affect children, and If things keep going the way they are people are going to start to realize that a lot more. It’s not Just at school that we have to worry though with computer and cell hones In almost every home, children are opening themselves up to being bullied anywhere. Cyber bullying has become the new way of hurting someone, and there’s a better chance that the perpetrator won’t be caught.

Bullies are now capable of getting to your children at home where they think they’re safe, but this is not the case because of the internet and testing. Children are being harassed over the internet through messenger, or receiving texts that are degrading and hurtful, making you afraid to go on your computer or pick up your phone. It’s not Just cell phone that Is Ewing used as a weapon, even your home phone is a potential weapon. Schools are trying more and more to stop bullying, implementing no tolerance rules that state if you are caught causing harm to another student you are immediately expelled.

They are enforcing rules that they once use to let slide to the wayside, trying everything they can think of to protect children. The sad thing Is though that most of it Just Is not working, they come up with new rules and the bullies find a way around them. They how to avoid getting caught. It seems like everything we try to do to stop rampant lulling in schools is useless, because the bullies are trying Just as hard as us Just so they won’t get caught.

No matter what we do nothing seems to help, and in some cases it actually seems to make matters worse. We need to find a full proof way of making sure that bullies cannot get away with what they are doing, and make sure that they receive the punishment they deserve. Sending bullies to the counselor isn’t working, and we know it but we don’t know what to do to put a stop to bullying. If we don’t find a way to stop this from happening, children will start to take matters into their own hands and it will not end well for anyone.