I have Identified the cause or effect I am analyzing In my thesis. I have explained the cause-and-effect relationship convincingly. I have organized my causes and/or effects logically. I have used sound logic. I have concluded my essay effectively. I have proofread thoroughly. The Cause and Effects of Bullying on Children Children In America are haunted by bullies every day. Bullying has plagued children in neighborhoods and schools for centuries, and Americans are still trying to find ways to combat the child predators that do the bullying.

A bully is one who seeks control over a person by force through intimidation or verbal abuse. Moreover, children may display many symptoms if they are victims of bullying. Bullying has many causes, and the after effects can lead to short and long-term trauma for a child. According to the article by Sally Henry, “Bullying- Like Father Like Son”: Social scientists’ research into bullying examines a wide range of historical and contemporary Ideas relating to cause and effect.

These Include issues of abuse and aggression In the concealed context of the home and Its relation to both cause and ensconce of extending patterns of aggressive behavior. Most recently attention has turned to the increasing numbers of children exposed to marital conflict (1). Some causes of bullying include: a child wanting to get noticed, relishing having power over his or her peers, problems at home, thinking it is “cool” and funny, jealousy, revenge, or just taking his or her feelings out on others.

According to one journalist who has written extensively about the bullying phenomenon, “The causes of bullying probably include genetic, constitutional, physiological, and social factors. But bullying often persists because it is immediately and substantially rewarded. By hurting others, bullies get what they want higher status, material possessions, and self-esteem” (Miller 6). Most males establish dominance over another Individual by using coercion or force to show their powers over those whom they feel are easy target. Most females establish their superiority over someone by using verbal abuse to belittle them emotionally.

Statistics indeed show that people become bullies violence are prime candidates to produce bullies because of all the aggressiveness surrounding the kids on a daily basis. Also, watching TV shows and movies, such as wrestling, boxing, and ultimate fighting championships are examples of extreme violence being displayed on networks viewed by millions. These are some of factors that could produce bully-like behaviors in young children. According to the Journal, What Becomes Of Aggressive School-children, “Apart from parents and other children, the main source for models of violent behavior today is television.

Children learn to imitate what they see on television, especially if they admire and identify with the actor or the character played by the actor” (Miller 6). As for the effects of bullying, different kids react to bullying in various ways. There are many symptoms that one can look out for if they think a child is being bullied. If a child starts to become withdrawn from family, school, or social activities, then this is an indicator that he or she might possibly be a victim of bullying.

Another sign could include him or her not wanting to go to school. They may try and get sick or intentionally harm themselves so they will not have to go to school. If a child’s school performance starts to deteriorate as indicated by his or her grades dropping or a lack f interest in school activities, this could be another sign that he or she may be experiencing bullying in school. Another key indicator is depression, which could be seen in a child’s self-esteem dropping to a low point or if they are isolating themselves from everyone.

The worst symptom of bullying is if a child comes home with new bruises, scrapes, or marks on his or her body that were not there before. These symptoms of bullying are easy to detect and need immediate remediation, because if allowed to continue, the child may suffer from chronic mental or physical issues. In the article “Bullying in Schools: A form of child abuse in schools”, Kazoo Alludes states that: The most extreme consequence of bullying for victims and the society is violence including suicide and murder.

The sense of powerlessness experienced by children who are victimized can be so profound that some victims of bullying react with self- destructive acts or lethal retaliation. In addition, victims of bullying could often become identifiable because they become moody, irritable, frustrated, or act tired and withdrawn. In other cases, victims may even become aggressive with those at mom or with peers and friends (37). For all the reasons stated above, the effects of bullying can play a prominent role in the rest of a child’s future if not handled with the proper attention.

Bullying victims can end up with post-traumatic stress disorder or other long-term problems. One short-term effect could include a victim suffering from a decrease in social status. Victims suffering from this condition can feel lonely, abandoned, and they could experience low self-esteem. Another long-term effect for victimized children is the have no physical cause. For example, victims often suffer from headaches or stomach chess, particularly before the school day begins.

Some other negative effects of being bullied include: dropping out of school, experiencing depression and distress, developing anxiety disorders and/or substance abuse problems, and finally, the impact on their adult lives. Being a childhood bully can also increase the risk of a negative outcome. As Michael Miller observes, “Although less attention has been paid to the effects on the bullies themselves, their social development may be harmed even more” (6). Parents and other adults can play an important role in the reduction of child lulling.

It is important to notice what is going on with a child and watch for signs that he or she is being bullied, or that he or she is a bully. In both cases, it can be a good idea to talk to a child’s school authorities, as well as a child counselor or pediatrician to figure out a plan to fix the situation. Bullies need to learn why they behave the way they do and what they can change, so that they being showing more acceptable behaviors. It is important to try and stop bullying as it can have a long lasting psychological effect on both the victims and the bully.