In Schools Innocent adolescents are losing their lives, friends, and family because they don’t seem to “FLT in”. Since when has it been so wrong to be different or stand out? Nowadays bullies make it seem like it’s a crime to be an outcast. Bullying starts by a group of kids who decide to pick on who they believe is an outsider. Many schools don’t see that bullying is a big issue and should be stopped immediately. Instead, it takes something drastic to happen to see that there is a problem. Unfortunately in these cases its someone’s life.

Shouldn’t a school be a safe place where students come to get away from trouble? School is supposed to be a safe place for students to get the proper education they need. They shouldn’t be afraid of coming to school because they’re going to be bullied. Bullying doesn’t only happen in schools, but It also happens In the homes of most adolescents. Bullying Is a serious Issue and needs to be controlled. School should develop a school code of conduct for bullying that should be strictly enforced. Bullying is an overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller r weaker people.

Bullies come in all shapes, sizes, races, and ages. Students who engage in bullying behaviors seem to have a need to feel powerful and in control. They appear to derive satisfaction from inflicting injury and suffering on others, seem to have little empathy for their victims, and often defend their actions by saying that their victims provoked them in some way. A bully is a person who deliberately causes harm and or uneasiness on someone else for their own satisfaction. There are two types of victims, there Is the passive/submissive victim or the aggressive victim.

The most common victim would be the passive/ submissive. Passive victims are usually easy going and don’t put up a fight or don’t react. A passive victim is usually the one to be Involved In a fatal Incident such as seclude and other harmful life taking problems. However, aggressive victims tend to instigate the bullying and will not go down without a fight. Along with the bully and the victim there is also a bystander. The bystander is known as the person that stands by and watches the bullying take action. They are too afraid to do or say anything to stop the problem.

Bystanders play an important role in bullying. Bullies get encouraged when they have an audience. On the other hand if the audience is shaking their head in disapproval and walking away, the bully will get discouraged and not continue the bullying. There are several types of bullying such as racist bullying, sexual bullying, Cyber bullying, and social Isolation. Racism doesn’t happen out of nowhere. Kids who are racist bullies are brought up in homes with racist parents and were Influenced to hate and not accept any other race but their own.

Sexual bullying is one of the most extensive forms of violence In schools. 65 percent of girls reported being touched, grabbed, or pinched in a sexual way. Cyber bullying contains of mean and hurtful racist, sexual, and cyber bullying there is social isolation. Social isolation is the most common form of bullying. It contains of rumors, gossip, nonverbal behaviors, dirty looks, etc. Bullying in schools is a universal issue that can lead to negative results for the overall school environment and can Jeopardize the right for students to learn in a safe atmosphere without being afraid.

Bullying in any type of form happens and any school on a daily basis. Bullying has the effect on making kids lose their focus in class and can even cause them to make up excuses to stay home from school to avoid bullying. Most bullying occurs at high schools because the kids re older and they feel like they have something to prove. Some schools experience more bullying than others due to location, number of students and discipline level. In order to decrease the number of teen lives lost due to bullying, schools need to pay closer attention to bullies and their victims.