Adolescent to do something that he or she does not wish to do. Another form of bullying can be to humiliate the victim. Usually in front of others of about the same age. Bullies are concerned about their needs only, and are willing to use other children to get what they want. In the case of male bullies they are typical larger, stronger, and older than the victim. Female bullying is different then male bullying. Girls are more likely to use words alone to torment their chosen victims, rather than doing physical harm. Girls bully other girls by name calling or by spreading rumors about the victim.

Bullying has gotten worse than before. A new thing called cyber bullying allows bullies to not be Limited to Just verbal and physical harm. Any type of bullying is bad. It effects the victims mentally, physically, and emotionally. In this paper there are 3 victims mentioned that committed suicide because of bullying. Bullying is more than Just a part of growing up. On the television we constantly hear the unfortunate stories of victims of bullying. In the end It Is only obituaries we hear; in remembrance of their lives. Bullying is a undetected, silent killer that is slowly killing off innocent children and young adults.

Something should be done to prevent and put a stop to this phenomena. According to familiarity. Org, “Almost 30 percent of teens In the United States (over 5. 7 million) are estimated to be involved in school bullying as either a bully, a target of bullying, or both. ” Nothing good comes out from bullying. It could very well ruin a child’s life. Children can be mentally scarred, killed, or even worse end their own life. According to polycrystalline. Org, seclude is the third leading cause of death among young people resulting In 4,440 deaths a year, and for every seclude here is at least 100 attempts of suicide.

This is an alarming number. Adults know this behavior is unacceptable, but often do not know when they should step in and take action. There are many different types of bullying. According to library. Delinquents. Org, the types of bullying are: Physical bullying, Verbal bullying, Indirect bullying, Social Alienation, Intimidation, and Cyber bullying. When someone kicks you, punches you, and when someone takes something that belongs to you those are all part of physical bullying. Now verbal bullying Is when someone calls you a bad name, or Just makes jokes about you to other people.

The most common type of bullying among females is Indirect bullying. This type of bullying is when you spread rumors about someone that aren’t true. Social Alienation is when a bully excludes the victim on purpose. Intimidation Is when a bully threatens their velvet and gets them so scared that they end up doing what the bully tells them to do. Cyber bullying is when children use the internet or text messages to harass, intimidate, or demeans others. Because of this bullies are no longer limited to verbal and physical abuse. According too survey on cyberbullylnghelp. M, 41 % of children have been bullied by a text message on their cell phone. According to accessibility-us, 83% of 10-18 year olds use a cell phone and 50. 1% use Backbone. 1 OFF what may have been cyber bullying on Passbooks Forming me. After she died her so called friends on Backbone, continued posting nasty and mean posts about her. According to BBC News, Another victim that fell to bullying was Eric Moat. A 17 year old quiet boy who kept to himself, but was involved in Theater and music. He was bullied throughout his high school years being called “gay,” “Fagan,” “queer,” and “homo” n front of his teachers.

How can a teacher who knows that this is wrong let this happen? This boys parents are filing a law suit against the school not for any money, but for them to establish some sort of anti-bully program that their school is in desperate need of. According to the same article on BBC News, Eric Moats parents said, “that bullying was a significant factor in the deaths of 3 other students in their son’s class in 2007. ” Another parent, whose son was a friend of Eric, had to withdraw his son from that school because of a bullying problem as well. If this is going on in the school, why isn’t anything being done?

According to an article on MANS News, a high school freshmen named, Phoebe Prince, took her own life because her classmates were constantly bullying her. One week before she committed suicide she had spoken to a school administrator about threats of physical violence. According to that same article the school administrator told her, “that she was still going to get beat up. ” A week later she hung herself. How can someone who works at that school just tell her that she is still going to get beat up anyways? The schools that these 3 victims attended need to toughen their anti-bully rules, and set up some sort of program like New Jersey did.

The state of New Jersey has proposed to toughen anti-bullying law following the suicide of a student, that was a victim of bullying. In the article on NJ. Com, Seen. Diane Allen said, “The earlier efforts broke some ground, but clearly not enough”. She is one of the Anti Bullying Bill of Rights sponsors. She said about the new bill, “This one’s going to make a big, big difference”. According to this article it said that, “It would quire training for nearly all school employee’s on how to spot, prevent, and report acts of intimidation.

Each school would form a school safety team that reviews complaints, lead by a counselor, designated as an anti-bullying specialist. ” There were 4 major points of the bill that was proposed. According to the article, “the first part would require new teachers hired in the school year of 2011-2012 to complete and anti-bullying program, and it would mandate all teachers to learn about bullying as part of the suicide prevention training they will already complete. The second part f the bill stated that school administrators who fail to investigate an incident of bullying with be punished.

The third part of the bill states that any student who is showing a type of harassment, intimidation, and bullying to another student may be suspended or expelled. The final fourth main point states that superintendents deliver a report twice a year at an open school board meeting on all the acts of violence, harassment, intimidation and bullying. ” New Jerseys idea to toughen the anti-bullying laws after a student committed suicide is a great idea. Many other dates including Illinois should consider coming up with some anti-bullying plan Just like New Jerseys.

Many adults can not tell when their son, daughter, or student is being bullied. Many parents can not tell if their child is a bully. According to the Center for the aggressive behavior and intentionally does harm doing to others. For the victims who are bullied some helpful tips that were on the same website were, if you are bullied tell someone. Tell your parents, or an older sibling if you have one but do not keep quiet. If your friends are being bullied stick up for them, and they maybe will stick up or you if you are being bullied.

There are so many children who watch people get bullied, and want to stick for them and Just stop it. But many children are also afraid to stick up for someone because then maybe they’ll get bullied as well. My brother was bullied all throughout his grade school years. He was told he was toxic waste, he was called gay, and it got to him. He had to go talk to a counselor and be put on medication for his depression. Once he told his older sister, she confronted all the kids in his class. She told them that if they were going to mess with IM, they would have to go through her first.

All the kids got scared and they stopped. All it took was one person to take stand up for the victim. Bullying not only effects the lives of the victim, but it also effects the lives of their families. Bullying if left alone can lead to depression, and even suicide. Schools should enforce their anti bully rules to make a stop to all the bullying that is going on, and if they do not have any anti bullying rules they should establish some and enforce them like New Jersey is doing. There needs to be an end to all the suicides, and hate.